Spring Clean Your Skin! (And Add A Little Glamour Too ;)

Spring cleaning isn't just for your home. Spring clean your skincare and get rid of the long routine and excessive products. Our vintage-inspired skincare system requires only 3 products daily (and a deep cleansing mask occasionally!), for soft, smooth, clear skin free of redness, shine, excess oil, and dryness. Deep clean your skin this spring and get your skin fresh, clean, clear, and ready for summer!

Start with our Geranium Skin Tonic every morning to cleanse, soften and rid skin of acne (even cystic breakouts!). Our Geranium Skin Tonic is full of hydrosols that fight acne, oil, and redness leaving your skin soft and clear. All with a fresh scent and no alcohol! 

Next, use our Geranium Vanishing Cream as a daytime moisturizer and primer. Made with Geranium hydrosol and essential oil plus Perilla Seed Oil to balance skin and clear breakouts. Our Geranium Vanishing Cream also gives your skin an all-day natural matte finish without makeup and works as a primer if you wear makeup. It will keep you shine-free all day and your makeup in place morning till night. No more touchups!

In the evening use our Geranium Cold Cream to remove your makeup, cleanse, and moisturize your skin. Our Geranium Cold Cream is made with Geranium hydrosol and essential oil and Perilla Seed Oil to balance your skin and clear breakouts. We also include Sweet Almond Oil, a light oil that is able to penetrate skin giving just the right amount of moisture. Our Geranium Cold Cream won't just sit on top of your skin, it will penetrate deeply giving your skin everything it needs :).

And the powerhouse of deep cleaning your skin? Our Dead Sea Mud Mask - Detoxifying. Made with a Dead Sea Mud base and full of herbs and essential oils that will deeply cleanse, clear, and soothe your skin. A deep clean without irritation! Depending upon your skin type you can use this mask daily (if you are trying to clear cystic acne), multiple times per week (clearing mild acne or for oily and combination skin), or weekly (for normal skin).

All of the above mentioned products are available individually or in our Geranium Travel Beauty Set (a great way to try our products if you are new to The Lovely Rose Apothecary!) and our Ultimate Geranium Beauty Set.


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