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Welcome to The Lovely Rose Apothecary! We are a luxury, vintage-inspired skincare brand. Our Skin Tonics, Vanishing Creams and Cold Creams are based on recipes from the 1920s, 30s and 40s. All of our products are hand-made in small batches using natural, skin-pampering ingredients. Bring some glamour back to your everyday skincare!

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Geranium Skin Tonic

Clean and calm!

"The whole Geranium line has really helped calm my skin and control my cystic acne. This toner is super gentle but effective, leaving my skin feeling clean but not tight or dried-out."

-Sydni Z.

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Geranium Vanishing Cream

Lovely, matte and lightweight

"I regret putting off this purchase for so long!! I love this cream! A little goes a long way, it works great with sunscreens, and under makeup. I can't wait to purchase the rest of the line!"

- Erica M.

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Geranium Cold Cream

So pleased!

"I've been using the Geranium Cold Cream for maybe the last 6-9 months and it has helped my oily skin and cystic acne so much. It worked exactly as she said. Warning that the acne would become worse before better due to the mixture bringing the bacteria to the surface, but after the first week or two, my skin looked and felt so much clearer. ThankRead more about review stating So pleased! Thank you!!"

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Dead Sea Mud Mask - Detoxifying

Luxurious and the Best Mask I’ve Ever Used!

"I ordered this mud mask because I was in the market for a new mask and I wanted to use something higher quality than what I had used in the past. I saw this on Instagram, ordered it, and... wow!!! I have only used it once so far and already I can feel how it has improved my skin. I had a few blemishes on my chin and jawline and their redness has diminished!

It smells great, and a little went a long way when applying it. It also wasn’t overly drying once I rinsed it off. This will be a permanent staple to my routine, and I would recommend trying it for yourself!"

- Rachel A.

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Geranium Travel Beauty Set

I finally like the way my skin looks!

"I tried the complete Geranium line in the "Travel Set" to see if this would actually work for my acne. I have tried everything, from Noxzema to Proactive coupled with a harsh Sulphur ointment to dry out the cystic acne cysts. None of this really worked. THIS ACTUALLY WORKS!!! Even if I do start to feel a cystic acne cyst start to form, I use the cold cream at night and it's gone by morning! I finally like the way my skin looks now! Thank you for making these creams. Best skin care I have ever tried! Please Never Stop Making The Geranium Vanishing Cream and Cold Cream!"

- Sonya L.

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Ultimate Geranium Beauty Set

I love it!

"I've been using this set now for two weeks and it's working so well! My breakouts have diminished, the redness is fading, my face is smoothing out. I've used so many things in the past years, and nothing has worked! Then someone advertised this on instagram and I thought, I've got to try this, and I'm so glad I did! I will always buy this from now on! Thank you!❤"

- Gracie C.

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