Instructions for Use

Our products are used either in the morning, Morning Beauty, or in the evening, Evening Beauty. Because vintage inspired skincare can be rather intimidating until you get familiar with the products, we have added this Instructions for Use page to help you properly use your Lovely Rose Apothecary products. This insures your skin gets the maximum benefits of all of our products! And keep an eye on this page coming soon we will have instructional videos :)

Morning Beauty -

Start with your Skin Tonic as a cleanser and toner. You don't need to wash your face first. Skin Tonic works as a gentle cleanser and as it doesn't contain any alcohol you can rub it over your lids and lashes without stinging or burning!

After using your Skin Tonic you will follow with your Vanishing Cream. Vanishing Cream is a light, daytime cream that literally vanishes into your skin! It works as both a moisturizer and makeup primer and keeps your skin soft, matte and smooth all day. Vanishing Cream creates a layer on your skin for your face powder to "cling" to so your makeup won't fade throughout the day. 

1) In the morning shake Skin Tonic bottle to throughly mix

2) Saturate a cotton ball with Skin Tonic and rub over face, neck & eyelids

3) While skin is still moist from the tonic gently massage Vanishing Cream into face and neck (you only need a small amount!)

3) Wait 1-2 minutes and apply makeup if desired

4) Have a Lovely Day!

You will use your Dead Sea Mud Mask in the mornings as well. If your skin tends to be on the dry or sensitive side we recommend using your mask 1-2 times per week. If your skin is oily or you are trying to clear cystic acne you can use your mask daily as needed.

1) Wet skin with Skin Tonic best for your skin type

2) Massage generous layer of Dead Sea Mud Mask over face and neck

3) Let mask sit on skin until dry

4) The mask can be messy to wash off...easiest way is to hop in the shower and gently rinse off

5) Gently cleanse with Skin Tonic

6) Follow with Vanishing Cream best for your skin type

Think of your morning skincare routine as the time to cleanse and wake up your skin, followed by light moisture.

Evening Beauty -

Your evening skincare routine is all about cleansing the skin of pollutants it has picked up throughout your day and giving it deep moisture.

The main product you are going to use every night in your evening routine is your Cold Cream. Cold Cream is the holy grail of skincare! It works as a makeup remover, cleanser and moisturizer all in one. You don't need to cleanse your skin first simply use your Cold Cream as directed below.

1) Start with dry skin & clean, dry hands

2) Fill sink with hot water

3) Scoop cold cream onto fingers

4) Warm up cold cream in hands

5) Gently massage into face, neck & eyelids

6) Dip wash cloth into hot water and wring out

7) Wipe off Cold Cream

8) Rub any remaining Cold Cream into skin

9) Follow with Overnight Cream if using

10) Sleep Well!

11) If you are wearing makeup repeat a second time to throughly cleanse skin

You will use your Tissue Cream in the evenings after your Cold Cream. If your skin is dry you will use your Tissue Cream nightly. If you are using your Tissue Cream to treat fine lines and wrinkles or to fade hyper-pigmentation but your skin isn't very dry, use your Tissue Cream 1-2 times per week or as needed.

1) Cleanse skin with Cold Cream best for your skin type

2) Scoop generous amount of Tissue Cream onto skin

3) Gently massage into skin

4) Let sit for 20 minutes

5) Gently tissue off or wipe off with a hot wash cloth

6) Follow with Overnight Cream if using

If you have very dry skin and are using our Overnight Cream, this will be the last product you use in the evenings. If you are using your Tissue Cream you will follow with your Overnight Cream. If you aren't using Tissue Cream, you will use your Overnight Cream after your Cold Cream. And then it's off to bed to wake up with super soft, smooth skin!

Tissue Cream is also fantastic for repairing dry skin on hands and feet. Simply rub a generous amount onto hands and feet before bed, slip on a pair of cotton gloves and socks and wake up with soft, smooth skin!

If you ever have any questions on the use of any of your Lovely Rose Apothecary products please contact us at! We are happy to help :)