Lavender Travel Beauty Set

Lavender Travel Beauty Set

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Everyone loves to travel but it doesn't mean you have to go back to chemical filled skincare when you do! Our Travel Beauty Sets include one ounce sizes of our three everyday products. Our skin tonic, vanishing cream and cold cream complete with an organza travel bag. Each of our Travel Beauty Sets also have the optional add on of a one ounce jar of our Tissue Cream, Dead Sea Mud Mask in both Detoxifying and Anti-Aging or both!

Lavender Travel Beauty Set is best for:

  • Sensitive Skin
  • Mild Acne
  • Normal Skin
  • Redness
  • Rosacea
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis

We use the best quality ingredients in our Lavender Travel Beauty Set to pamper and moisturize your skin. Created to reduce redness, clear mild blemishes, soothe irritation and treat skin gently that tends to be a little more sensitive.

Ingredient spotlight on:

Wild Cherry Bark Hydrosol

  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Soothing
  • Balancing
  • Hydrating

Chickweed Hydrosol

  • Increases blood circulation.
  • Good for acne.

Chamomile Hydrosol

  • Anti Inflammatory, Anti Bacterial and Antiseptic.
  • Improves elasticity of skin
  • Soothes red irritated skin, reduces puffiness
  • Helps with dark circles under the eyes.
  • It is beneficial for allergic and hypersensitive skin as well as eczema.
  • Also great for Eczema, Psoriasis, itching.

Lavender Essential Oil

  • Used to treat skin irritations as well as to promote calming and ease.
  • Because of its antiseptic and analgesic properties, Lavender can prevent infection and promote rapid healing.

Moringa Oil

  • Is rich in antioxidants including Vitamin A
  • It helps to improve the appearance and radiance of the skin.
  • The healing properties of Moringa Oil were documented by ancient cultures.
  • Romans used Moringa Oil extensively in perfumery work.
  • Egyptians used it to help protect their skin from brutal desert conditions.

Lavender Hydrosol

  • Acts as a humectant and also helps to balance the skin.
  • Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties can be helpful in the prevention and healing of acne.

Red Raspberry Seed Oil

  • In a study done on the properties of Red Raspberry Seed Oil, the oil showed absorbance in the UV-B and UV-C ranges suggesting that it may be useful as a broad spectrum UV protectant.
  • Possesses an exceptionally high proportion of Vitamin E, Vitamin A and Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.
  • Rich in pronounced anti-inflammatory properties, thus an effective oil to use to soothe a number of skin conditions.

Sweet Almond Oil 

  • Is effective for softening and conditioning the skin.
  • It is well suited for eczema, psoriasis and itchy, dry and inflamed skin.
  • It is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E.
  • Is light and penetrates easily.

All of our Lavender products are hand made in small batches. Use daily and you will quickly see a reduction in redness, mild blemishes and skin irritation. Your skin will be smoothed, soothed, softened and beautiful!

Use Vanishing Cream within 3-4 months.

Lavender Skin Tonic Ingredients: Witch hazel, Lavender hydrosol, Yarrow hydrosol, Aloe hydrosol, Basil hydrosol, Chamomile hydrosol, Helichrysum hydrosol, Lemon balm hydrosol, Neem hydrosol, Nettle hydrosol, Red clover hydrosol, Sandalwood hydrosol, Sarsaparilla hydrosol, Wild cherry bark hydrosol, Chickweed hydrosol, Green tea hydrosol

Lavender Vanishing Cream Ingredients: Stearic acid, Lavender hydrosol, Glycerin, Potassium hydroxide, Moringa oil, Red raspberry seed oil, Lavender essential oil

Lavender Cold Cream Ingredients: Jojoba esters, Beeswax, Sweet almond oil, Lavender hydrosol, Borax, Moringa oil, Lavender essential oil

Tissue Cream Ingredients: Jojoba esters, Beeswax, Sweet almond oil, Lanolin, Coconut Oil, Neroli hydrosol, Benzoin essential oil

Dead Sea Mud Mask - Detoxifying Ingredients: Dead sea mud, Parsley powder, Lemon peel powder, White willow bark powder, Bentonite clay, Tea tree essential oil, Lemon essential oil, Lavender essential oil, Geranium essential oil, Grapefruit seed extract.

Dead Sea Mud Mask - Anti-Aging Ingredients: Dead sea mud, Rose hip powder, Bladderwrack powder, Chamomile powder, Sea kelp powder, Frankincense Carterii essential oil, Carrot seed essential oil, Ylang Ylang essential oil, Sandalwood essential oil, Myrrh essential oil, Grapefruit seed extract.